Premonitions on T.V.

I see something coming up.

I have premonitions.

I have premonitions.

I have premonitions.

Sometimes I see,
sometimes I dream.
Visions when I close my eyes
like a slideshow behind my lids.
There’s a world of possibility and I can see it before it happens.

I have premonitions.

Is it a blessing or a curse?
I can’t tell which one is worse.
Should I know what tomorrow brings,
when I can’t make out what happened yesterday?

What is the future?

And what’s a dream compared to reality?

Do you live your life this way?
The feelings intended for today,
why, you might just feel them tomorrow.

If you see, what you see, must you see it to be?
Is your fate already sealed
or do you write it yourself?

Are these premonitions of yours like ink?
Can you choose to take up the pen?
Or do you read unwillingly?

I see premonitions but do I have to live them?

Maybe life is on a screen and I can see fast-forward.
Hit pause and rewind but instead I see a scene selection.

Who am I today if my premonitions dictate who I am tomorrow?


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